On Site Training

We provide in-depth training that allows CCC to stand out from the competition, as we are dedicated to taking every step possible to help your employees better understand and feel more comfortable with this new technology. It has been our experience that however hesitant or wary some employees may be towards the system at the beginning, with our training, once they recognize the benefits the system confers, they will enthusiastically embrace the changes. We offer training for end users all the way up to telecom sales staff and installers. Training sessions (45-minutes to one hour in length) between your CCC Coach and groups of six to eight employees will be conducted by appointment. Training in small groups is emphasized because it allows for better question-and-answer exchange and gives everyone a better opportunity to properly learn the benefits of the system. To increase both employee familiarization and comfort with the system

Simply put, our excellent staff will be with you and your company every step of the way, and if our training happens to leave a question unanswered, we’re just a phone call away. We look forward to working closely with you.

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