Toshiba Support

Our Toshiba Support specialist will assist you in

  • Urgent & Immediate Toshiba Troubleshooting & Support
  • Generic Toshiba Troubleshooting
  • Configuration Changes
  • Designing and maintaining Multi Site networking
  • New Network Configurations & Setups
  • Maintenance like software upgrades
  • Live Expert Hotline, instant Support & Help

Our Toshiba Specialists are certified in:

CIX Certifications     
Strata CIX Product Training
Strata CTX ACD Basic
ISDN Basic (CTX)                                                  
Strata CTX Basic Certification 
Spectralink 150                                                      
Strata DK Basic/Advanced
Strata Basic                                                             
Stratagy Family (DOS)
Stratagy Family (SES)

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